Beers for the Journey

Wanderlust is a small microbrewery located in the high country of Arizona, in a small business park off the beaten path. Our beers reflect our tastes and the sense of adventure that comes along with a lifetime of travel and exploration. We have a particular soft spot for Saisons and Farmhouse-style ales and the sense of place that they evoke, but we also dabble in everything from German Hefeweizens to Belgian-inspired sours; British-inspired dark ales and obscure styles like Finnish Sahtis and German Gose. We also put our own twist on new-school American styles and have even been known to dabble in the hoppy beers now and again. We preach the gospel of science behind our beers for unmatched consistency and quality at our scale, but also embrace the artistry and chaos involved with running an extensive barrel aging and sour beer program and fermenting one of our flagship ales with a local wild yeast strain.

The name Wanderlust comes from our desire to always explore the world around us.  We love to try new things, and strive to create something different with this endeavor, all the while respecting those who have paved the way before us to create the thriving beer culture that Wanderlust is now a part of.

The name Wanderlust also refers to our  love of traveling, near and far. We’ve traveled across several continents, and almost every state in the US. Most of this time was spent with a set of skis, a mountain bike, a kayak, a climbing rope, or a pair of hiking boots in tow. All along these journeys we gained an appreciation for the people in this world and their experiences they have to share. Those experiences are what make this journey enjoyable, and make the memories that go along with them. We hope to share some of those stories with you, and create beers which have a story behind them as well.

Our dedicated and world-class staff have helped make this dream into a reality, and each and every one of us is passionate about what we do at Wanderlust and about sharing that passion with all of you.

So come by and see us, or ask for us at your favorite watering hole, and enjoy the journey.

-The Wanderlust Team