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Welcome to the new Wanderlust website, I’m glad you found us! It’s been a long journey so far, and to be honest, it hasn’t even really begun yet.

For those of you who’ve been following along on HandlebarSandwich (my older blog), thanks for sticking with me. For those who are just tuning in for the first time, there are a few updates on the other site as well, if you would like to do a little back reading (it’s not terribly important, but feel free if you’re so inclined).

Either way, here we are. I’m going to try to keep this blog up to date as much as possible, so follow us on an RSS feed, check out the facebook page, or just tune in every now and again over here. Yes, we’re on twitter (@wanderlust_beer), instagram (@wanderlust_brewing), and even tumblr (http://wanderlustbrewing.tumblr.com/) if you’re so inclined.

And now, on to the update!

Construction is finally progressing at the brewery space, and not a moment too soon! The concrete has been cut, and we’ve gotten down to the compacted ground underneath to start unearthing the necessary plumbing and electrical. The plumber should be in during the next week or so to start setting all the floor drains, floor sinks, and other assorted liquid management systems. After that happens, we get our first round of inspections from the city, and then start covering it back up.

I’m hoping to have some electrical started in the next week or so as well, although we have a little more time on that one (drying time of the concrete is our limiting factor right now). Although it would be nice to get it run sooner rather than later, as having a walk-in fridge is going to be awesome once it’s up and running.

Things are looking good for having all my licenses in hand by the end of July. I’m going before the city council about the liquor license on July 3rd, with the hopes of a 20-ish day turnaround time at the state after that happens. I spoke with my rep at the TTB (federal license) and it sounds like I’m next in line for the review there as well. She took a preliminary look at it, and it looks to be in good shape.

In the meantime, equipment has been arriving on a weekly basis. I’ve got the brewhouse in, and a good portion of the control system as well. The fermentors and the brite tank will be arriving this week sometime as well, so the brewery is really starting to fill up (especially since I only have about ½ the space right now with the floor being dug up).

I got a little surprise visit over at the brewery last week while I was over there getting ready for the concrete guys. Eleanor from the Made in the Shade festival stopped by to say hi. Apparently all you fans out there have been asking her if I’m going to be at the festival (thanks!), and so she was trying to track me down and see what the deal was. As you know, I’m still just brewing on the the homebrew system right now, so I don’t really have enough beer to support a full day at the festival so I had to turn her down. Not a day later my art walk location for this coming month called and we decided to push it out until August at that location. That freed up a couple kegs of beer, and I shot an email over to Eleanor.

Sure enough, I now have a table at Made in the Shade! I’ll be set up there with about 15 gallons of beer of 3 different varieties. It’s not going to last long, but they told me to just serve until I was out, and that was fine by them. Based on all you thirsty folks who will be out there, that won’t take too long, so if you’re going to come out for it, I suggest stopping by early!

I’ll have more details next week, but needless to say, you should definitely try to get out to the festival if you can. I’ll have beer as long as it lasts, and a bunch of stickers to hand out as well. Stop by and say hi!

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