The Devil in the Details

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Nathan

Did you notice the new website?

I’m sure you did.  Lets be honest, if you’re here, you noticed it.

This is actually the original design of the website, but with the early jump into the fray at Made in the Shade, I needed to get something up quick, so we got a first version out the door while this guy got put together.  Pretty fancy, don’t you think?

A website is just the latest in a long list of ‘little things’ that go along with starting this brewery.  Some of them are a bit more entertaining than others, some are a bit more expensive than others, but the bottom line is that everything has to get done in one way or another.

It seems like such a glamorous thing: starting a brewery.  But the reality is that there is nothing short of a million different things that I need to do besides actually brewing/drinking/selling beer to get this thing off the ground.

Some of them are a lot of fun, like picking out growlers.


Others are less fun, like filing TTB brewing reports.  Although it’s not that bad at this point, considering my first one was just a couple pages of zeros.

Others are just a learning experience.  For example, I hired a lawyer to file the trademark applications on my name and logo.  It was a pretty painless process (well, except for the fees), but I actually kinda got a kick out of how the patent and trademark office described the logo.  For a refresher, it’s at the top of the screen.  Take a look at it and then check out the descriptors they used on the logo.

02.01.02 – Men depicted as shadows or silhouettes of men
02.01.02 – Silhouettes of men
06.01.04 – Mountains (landscapes)
06.01.04 – Scenery with mountains
09.05.02 – Top hats
10.03.02 – Canes, walking
10.03.02 – Shepherds crook (staff)
10.03.02 – Walking sticks and canes
11.03.02 – Beer steins or mugs
11.03.02 – Cups, beer mugs
11.03.02 – Mugs, beer
11.03.02 – Tankards
26.01.02 – Circles, plain single line
26.01.02 – Plain single line circles
26.01.20 – Circles within a circle
26.01.21 – Circles that are totally or partially shaded.

I actually thought it was pretty interesting that they have all those descriptors (like ‘shepherds crook’ and ‘tankards’) in the database.  I guess they see a lot of logos of all shapes and sizes, so the database is probably pretty expansive.

The list of items to take care of seems pretty endless at this point, but things are getting ticked off it, so it’s moving in the right direction.  The paperwork is an endless stream of tax returns, brewery reports, invoices, and all kinds of other things.  I’ve been trying to take some time to organize it all into a system before I get too deep into it, but it’s just a lot of stuff.  I even looked into some Brewery Software to try and help out with it, but it seems as though a 1-man operation just can’t really justify the monthly cost of something like that yet.  It’s good to know it’s out there, but I’ll stick with my quickbooks and spreadsheets at this point.  Maybe someday.

The construction list is starting to shrink a bit, but there are always a million little things that seem to come up.  Sealing a walk-in fridge up, wiring a control system for a keg washer, ordering epoxy sealant for the floor, and helping the electricians pull wires.

Speaking of wires, all the conduit for the electrical is run, and in case you missed it on facebook, the control panel (all 300-lbs of it) is now mounted conveniently at eye level.

The list goes on.  Water filtration system installation, QC lab supply order, health department food manager training, and a final occupancy inspection at some point.

In the midst of all of this though, I’m trying to keep some perspective on it.  I make sure to get a test batch or two brewed, even in the midst of all of these items on the checklist, and I certainly sit back and have a beer from time to time.  That’s what this is all about, right?

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