Pan American Stout

1-DSC_2120A truly multicultural beer.  We started with a recipe of a classic oatmeal stout, and then started heading south.  We picked up some vanilla beans in mexico, and then made a stop in columbia for some coffee before heading back north to blend it all together in our fermenters.

The oatmeal gives a hint of sweetness that helps to balance out the black-as-night malts that we use to bring this beer to it’s dark and rich final color.  We add some hops for balance, but let’s be honest, they aren’t the star of the show here.  The subtle yet present flavor of locally roasted coffee and mexican vanilla beans is why you should be ordering up a pint of this alongside your chili, to go with your creme brulee, or to sit next to that slice of chocolate cake.

The result is a deliciously drinkable beer with enough coffee and vanilla in it to give you an impression that one of these might be just as good with your morning cereal as your dinner tonight……

25 IBU 5.2% ABV