One Week Down

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Nathan

It’s been a little over a week since the grand opening, and everything is moving along nicely.

The grand opening was absolute madness. For those of you who were there, you know. And for those of you who weren’t, just know that the place was packed for 6 hours straight.

This was about 20-30 minutes after I opened the doors, and it was probably the least crowded that I saw it all evening.

There were so many people in there that the band I had come by to play couldn’t even fit in the door (and you couldn’t have heard them if they did). I feel bad that we didn’t get to hear them play, but we’ll have them by the taproom one of these weeks when it’s a little less crazy.

The place was jam packed from 3 to 9 that saturday evening, and it was great to see it. Everyone kept asking me how it felt to see everything going so well, and quite frankly, it was a little bit surreal. I’ve been putting so much work into this over the last 8 months that to see it finally come to fruition, and the reception to be so overwhelmingly good is absolutely amazing.

People came out in force for the opening, and a rough estimate says that we had close to 300 people through the door over that 6 hours.

Fratelli’s had their pizza truck out front and were serving monster slices of pizza throughout most of the evening. It was the perfect companion to some delicious beer. I really enjoyed having them come by to serve up some food, and definitely have plans to do the food truck thing in the future. I don’t have the capability to serve any sort of food, and really don’t plan on adding it. And when somebody like Fratelli’s is willing to roll the food truck up, why would I?

Over the last week I’ve been making a push to get some kegs out to a few select bars and restaurants around town, and so far there are a couple places who have some of my beer. The 928 Local has been an instant success and Hops on Birch is almost through their first keg of it. I was over there last tuesday night and it was amazing to see so many people around the bar with a pint of my beer in front of them. Hops has come to be known as one of the best beer bars in Flag, so it was an obvious choice to get my kegs over there ASAP.

My good friend Caleb at Pizzicletta also got a small keg of the 928 local over there saturday night, and I believe has it on tap now. I really do think it’s a great companion to his pizzas. It’s light for such a big beer but has a lot of complexity and the slight bit of acidity in it really goes well with his delicious pizza crust (and everything he puts on top of that crust!). It’s one of the places that’s been on my list to make sure he gets a keg since I started this operation, so I’m proud to say he’s the first restaurant to have it on tap.

The Chateau Americana was also tapped this past weekend at Pay N Take, and I believe they still have it on over there. Yet again, good friends of mine, and Pay N Take was really one of the places that I met a lot of folks when I moved to Flagstaff. I have a feeling they’re going to be a regular in the rotation.

With all the moving of kegs that has been happening, I did get down and dirty at the brewery on sunday and pulled off the first double-batch-in-a-day brew. It’s almost like a 6 barrel brewery when I do it that way, and although it’s a longer day, it’s not horrible. I got two batches of the stout into the fermenter within about 11 hours, and I think there’s some room for improvement there as well. I’ve got a batch of the Chateau in the fermenter right now, the stout is moving too, and a second batch of the farmhouse should be going in this weekend.

It’s actually like a real, operating brewery over here….

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