Licenses and Liftgates

Posted on July 4, 2012 by Nathan

It seems like the two items that I’ve spent the most time on in the past couple weeks are Liquor Licenses and unloading trucks full of equipment.

They’re so shiny!

I actually was over at the brewery yesterday morning unloading another truck from YRC freight (I like those guys, not only because they take care of me, but because their terminal is about 2 blocks from the brewery, so it’s super easy to schedule deliveries).  That truck had the final pallet of equipment for the brewhouse itself on it.  It was full of pumps, hoses, heating elements, cords, and all kinds of other assorted goodies.  Needless to say, some assembly is required.

With the delivery of that pallet, there are just a couple more small things that I’m waiting on from an equipment standpoint.  The last major one is really the glycol chiller, which I think will be shipping out next week.  Pro Refrigeration took care of me, and actually is shipping the unit about 2 weeks earlier than expected.  Now I just have to get some electrical run so that I can hook all this stuff up!

The other big news is that my liquor licenses seem to be moving right along, and there’s a possibility that I’ll actually have them before construction and setup is complete.  That’s a very cool thing, because then the ball is in my court to get the place up and running, and considering my habit of not sleeping much, things should move right along.  The floor drain should be getting installed next week sometime, and if all goes well then we can get it inspected and re-poured in short order after that’s set.  After that, we’re on to electrical and then everything starts getting really exciting as things get plugged in.

I did get a chance this last weekend to take a bit of a break from the brewery and get a little R&R during a trip to the east coast.  We went out there to visit some of Claire’s friends in Baltimore and visit my Grandfather in New Jersey.

I got a chance to have a few beers while I was out there including a couple at the Stillwater Ale bar called “Of Love and Regret”.  I guess it’s some sort of ‘gastropub’ as well with some fancy food, but we were there too late to catch that.  All I know is they had a ton of stuff from stillwater as well as a bunch of other local breweries, and even some belgian sours on tap (I didn’t even know it was possible to get Dutchess de Bourgogne on tap!)  It was pretty cool, and although the beers weren’t necessarily cheap, it was fun for a couple beverages.

After a few days in Baltimore, I finished off the trip by heading up for my grandfather’s 90th birthday party in New Jersey.  We ate some excellent food, drank some Yeungling, and generally compared moustaches.  This man has had a handlebar moustache since 1972.  They were cut from a different mold back then, one a lot harder than the molds we’re cut from now.

And with that photo of inspiration, I leave you to your 4th of July.  Enjoy!

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