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Posted on December 5, 2012 by Nathan

Have you heard of the Supper Club here in Flagstaff?

No? You haven’t?

Fear not, I’m about to give you the low down on it. Basically, it’s the brainchild of Jonathan from Local Alternative Catering, and serves as an opportunity to highlight some of the local food sources we have around this area as well as some of the other local businesses.

It’s an event which is held once a month at The Green Room. Basically, Jonathan puts together a dinner menu based around locally sourced food, and he typically partners with one (or several) other local businesses to help round out the meal. This month the theme is ‘chili and a dozen desserts’. He’s making two different kinds of chili, and then there are several other businesses putting together dessert tables full of delicious treats.

And then there’s beer. As you probably suspected by now, I’m going to be at the Supper Club this month with some beers. The Green Room has been an awesome partner in the whole brewery startup, enthusiastically selling my beer since the very beginning. They typically get some of the more standard strength beers, like the Chateau Americana and the Pan American Stout. But, for this event, we’re going to haul in a keg of the 928 Local Farmhouse, and one of the first kegs of the Dunkelweizen as well. They should have those two plus the Chateau on tap for the event, and I’ll bet it goes quick.

I’m talking with Jonathan next week as well about actually incorporating some of the beer into one of the dishes, it should be really interesting. I think the Dunkel or the 928 both have some bold enough flavors to them that you’ll be able to get a really good flavor of the beer to come through.

The supper club is next thursday, December 13th from 5:30 to 7:00. The best part (imho) about this whole thing is that the meal is only $15. I’m pretty excited about it, and hopefully we can get a good crowd of folks out there to eat some chili, taste some desserts, and (of course) have a beer or two. Get over to Jonathan’s site and get your ticket (yes, these things have sold out in the past).

I absolutely love getting involved in local events, especially ones like this, so if anyone has anything coming up that they are looking for a beer partner on, please let me know.

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