Heroes 19

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Nathan


I’m sure many of you have heard of the collaboration brew that the members of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild are putting together to benefit the families of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in the Yarnell Fire.

The breweries around Arizona have gotten together and have come up with a beer recipe which is going to be brewed at Prescott Brewing Company next week and will be called Heroes 19.  That beer is going to be brewed with malt donated from Briess and hops donated from several breweries around the state.  There are 19 different hop additions from 19 different breweries, and the final beer is going to be an American Brown Ale, with a target SRM of 19.

The hop list is an impressive lineup from different brewing styles and lineages.  We have noble hops, classic overseas hops, classic american hops, and even some newer experimental hops.

Mt. Hood
No. Brewer
Mt. Hood

The beer will be brewed this coming week, with an anticipated release at the beginning of August.  All of the proceeds from it will be donated to the Prescott Firefighters Charities and the kegs will go out to most of the breweries around the state.  I promise we’ll keep everyone in the loop when we hear about what’s coming up to Flagstaff.

And, just in case you aren’t around when a keg is tapped, or you’re reading this from someplace where the beer won’t make it to you, you can still donate to the cause.  The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild has set up a donation button on their website where you can buy a “virtual pint” of the Heroes 19 brew which will allow you to help out from afar.

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3 responses to “Heroes 19”

  1. Luke Straw says:

    Not only do you (all) make awesome brews but you all do awesome stuff for our communities. I have several friends that are volunteer firefighters and hope to be able to buy enough of this brew to toast them all properly.

  2. Melanie says:

    Has this made it’s way into of the local establishments yet?

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