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2nd Anniversary Quad

Good things come to those who wait. This beer has been a bit more of a journey than we expected, but the end result is truly a thing of beauty.  As the name implies, this beer was initially brewed for our Second Anniversary, which was October 13th, 2014.  But, as these things sometimes go with […]

Coconino Common

This week at the taproom and around Flagstaff, we’re debuting a new beer called the Coconino Common.  This is a beer that I’ve been mulling over for a little while now, and I thought it deserved a bit more depth of description as it’s a traditionally brewed beer that I really have trouble fitting into […]

Ostro – Sour Saison

Sours.  Such an interesting category of beer.  So hot right now.  Sours are all the rage, there are lots of folks doing them, and it such a broad range of styles that have had the label ‘sour’ slapped on them.  The common thread in this broad category of beers is an acidity that’s not present […]

Bahnhof Gose

If you’ve been around the brewery at all over the last couple weeks, you’ve had a chance to try our latest creation, the Bahnhof Gose (pronounced “bon-hoof go-suh”) Gose is a really interesting style of beer, originating in Germany and not conforming to the well-known Reinheitsgebot, which is Germany’s beer purity law.  The purity law […]

Ain’t Skeert

When I was putting together my lineup of beers for the brewery, I went around and around on what types of beers people might like to drink.  I’ve got close to 75 different homebrew recipes I’ve brewed over the last 8 years, and narrowing that down to something that I wanted to brew, and, more […]