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Arizona Beer Week 2014

We’re quickly approaching the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas, but Arizona Beer Week.   I will admit, however, it does feel a lot like Christmas.  I’ve been growing my winter beard, and we’re breaking out some special presents for everyone.  I didn’t sew up a giant red sack, and reindeer are […]

Anniversary Party!

No doubt if you’re reading this post, you’ve caught wind of our big 1-year anniversary party this coming weekend. You may have seen the facebook posts, or you may have seen the awesome poster below somewhere around town.   As you can see on the poster, we’re going to be throwing down from 1-9pm on […]

Makin New Friends

Why would we pack up and head to a festival in Silverton, Colorado when I don’t distribute beer anywhere near there (and probably won’t be anytime soon)? Because I was looking for an excuse to go skiing, that’s why.  And I found one. We made it up to Silverton, and got some great spring skiing […]

Festival Season? Festival Season!

People ask me why I do it.  They tell me I’m crazy for having 2 jobs, for working long hours, and for all the mild insanity and forced insomnia that goes with it. So what is it that keeps me going? It’s knowing that people are enjoying the beer I make.  Sure, I see the […]

Made in the Shade

Thanks again to everyone who came out to Made in the Shade this weekend.  We had a blast, and it seemed like everyone was really enjoying the beers.  We made it through until about 2:30 before kicking the first keg (and the other 2 were soon to follow). This is the time when I would […]