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Sprint over the Top

A lot of folks have asked me if I’m still getting out on my bike during this whole setup phase of the brewery.  As many of you know, I was (and still am) a very avid cyclist.  I’ve got way more bikes than I really need in the garage, and the last several years have […]

The Devil in the Details

Did you notice the new website? I’m sure you did.  Lets be honest, if you’re here, you noticed it. This is actually the original design of the website, but with the early jump into the fray at Made in the Shade, I needed to get something up quick, so we got a first version out […]

Construction Update: Bring on the Concrete!

I think we’ve reached a hump with the brewery construction.  Definitely not in terms of the amount of work that needs to be done before opening, but I feel like we’re past most of the destruction phase, and into the rebuilding. As most of you have probably seen, I’ve had a nice big hole in […]

Licenses and Liftgates

It seems like the two items that I’ve spent the most time on in the past couple weeks are Liquor Licenses and unloading trucks full of equipment. They’re so shiny! I actually was over at the brewery yesterday morning unloading another truck from YRC freight (I like those guys, not only because they take care […]