2nd Anniversary Quad

Good things come to those who wait. This beer has been a bit more of a journey than we expected, but the end result is truly a thing of beauty.  As the name implies, this beer was initially brewed for our Second Anniversary, which was October 13th, 2014.  But, as these things sometimes go with […]

Coconino Common

This week at the taproom and around Flagstaff, we’re debuting a new beer called the Coconino Common.  This is a beer that I’ve been mulling over for a little while now, and I thought it deserved a bit more depth of description as it’s a traditionally brewed beer that I really have trouble fitting into […]

Ostro – Sour Saison

Sours.  Such an interesting category of beer.  So hot right now.  Sours are all the rage, there are lots of folks doing them, and it such a broad range of styles that have had the label ‘sour’ slapped on them.  The common thread in this broad category of beers is an acidity that’s not present […]

Shakedown Series: Farmhouse Rouge

It’s finally time. I know we’ve been asked countless times about the next shakedown series beer, and I’m here to tell you that it’s finally arriving tomorrow, Thursday May 29th. We are firm believers here at Wanderlust to serve no beer before its time, and this is one that we’ve been sitting on for a […]

Tramontane Saison

One of the reasons that we love Belgian and German style beers here at Wanderlust is because of the amazing and unique flavors that these beers have. The diversity of yeast-derived flavors that can be imparted, and the way you can manipulate those flavors give us quite the pallet of flavors. That’s why I’m always […]