Anniversary Party!

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Nathan

No doubt if you’re reading this post, you’ve caught wind of our big 1-year anniversary party this coming weekend. You may have seen the facebook posts, or you may have seen the awesome poster below somewhere around town.



As you can see on the poster, we’re going to be throwing down from 1-9pm on saturday.  We’re going to have music for most of the afternoon and evening, and the Fratelli’s pizza truck will be parked outside serving up slices.   We’ve got a temporary extension on our liquor license and will actually be taking over the whole parking lot outside the brewery in addition to our indoor seating.  The bands will be outside as well as the Fratelli’s truck and a second beer station serving some of the rare and barrel aged beers (bring cash, we probably won’t have a second credit card machine outside!).

You may have caught the part on the poster about rare and barrel aged beers, and you may be wondering what that’s all about.  Well, here’s the lineup for you to salivate while thinking about what you’re going to sample first.

The Usual Suspects

Pan American Stout

Pan American Stout on Nitro

Chateau Americana

928 Local

The Seasonals


Downstream Flotilla (Rye Lager, holdover from this summer!)

The Cask

Chateau Americana referemented with our German Hefeweizen yeast (Fruity!)

The Small Batch

Hop Project Part III – Belgian Double IPA

The Barrels

Whiskey Barrel Aged Baltic Porter

Red Wine Barrel Aged Dark Saison


In case you lost count somewhere along the way, that’s a whopping 10 beers that we’re going to have available.  Some of them are very limited quantity so we may have to rotate out a couple during the day, but you can rest assured that we’ll bust them all out at some point.  We’ve got a few other surprises up our sleeves as well, so definitely make it by the brewery on saturday to join in the festivities!

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